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Deserts and Mountains
Deserts and Mountains
Editorial iUniverse
Plaza de edición Bloomington
Año de edición 2010
Páginas 234
ISBN 9781450227582
Idioma Inglés

14.95 €   

Yilmaz Alimoglu grew up in Turkey, married in Canada, and has travelled extensively throughout the world for both his business and humanitarian work. Alimoglu's first book, Deserts and Mountains, is a novel that ushers the reader through a vast variety of subjects - from the highly philosophical to the accurate histories of various countries. Furthermore, Deserts and Mountains is a story of love, and of healing old wounds. No matter where you came from or where you are now, there are likely many places in this book that will feel like home.

Based on some of the author's real life experiences Deserts and Mountains is able to convey a story that resonates with the husband, wife, father, mother and child in each of us. We can identify with Ali, the main character in the story, who had lost the anchor of his home physically and spiritually, only to discover that the truest tether to home can only be found in the heart.

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